Game Overview

Game Format

  • WCC Rivals is a one/two over, 1v1 cricket match between you and an opponent of comparable skill level.
  • You will each play both batting and bowling, order is decided by a toss.
  • In Ranked Play the winner will get Coins, Tokens and a rise in Skill Rating (SR), and the loser will lose Coins and get a drop in Skill Rating (SR).
  • In Unranked Play the winner and loser will win/lose only Coins.
  • In one over matches, Token and SR rewards are 50% of those in two over matches.

Batting Controls

  • While batting, you have to initially tap with correct timing to select Loft, Power Drive or regular Drive (default).
  • A Loft if timed correctly can go for six. A Power Drive if timed and placed correctly can go for a four.
  • Tapping Loft while the needle is in the centre of the Loft zone will add more power to the loft.
  • After the initial tap, you can move the batsman around in the crease and swipe at the right time to hit the ball.
  • Check the Perfect Meter at the top to improve your shot timing. Hitting with perfect timing gives you more shot power.
  • Avoid edging the ball as it can lead to catches.
  • Tap Crease Dive as soon as it’s available to avoid runouts.
  • Training Batting upgrades your controller. It will increase the Loft and Power Drive zones in the batting controller, make the needle slower, relax the Perfect meter, give your swipe more Shot Accuracy and make Crease Dive appear sooner.

Bowling Controls

  • While bowling, you have to initially tap with correct timing to select Special Delivery or regular (default). Special Deliveries help you bowl out or restrict the batsman
  • Next, tap to set the speed of the ball. Time it correctly to avoid bowling a no-ball.
  • Tap to select the swing/spin.
  • APosition where you want to pitch the ball.

Connection Related Issues

  • Ensure your device is not running in power-saving mode.
  • Ensure you have enough charge in your device.
  • Check that you have a stable internet connections. Disconnections and delays can lead to losses.
  • Repeated interruptions (more than 3) such as attending phone calls, messages, switching to other apps, changing app focus etc. will lead to being disconnected and will result in a loss.
  • Ensure your internet connection is fast enough, ideally at the recommended speeds (4G/WiFi).
  • Pause functionality is not available since WCC Rivals is multiplayer only.

Game Currency

Coins and Tokens

  • Coins are used for match entry fees and to complete Training Levels.
  • Coins are gained through Match Wins, Sporting Bonuses, Daily Claim, Free Rewarded Video, and Missions. They can also be bought for Tokens.
  • Tokens are used to buy Coins, Boosts, Train Players and speed up Training and Recovery.
  • Tokens are gained through Daily Claim, Match Wins and Match Completion. They can also be bought for real money.

Stages / Match Wagering

  • Stages are a way for you to earn Coins by wagering on your victory.
  • You choose which Stage you want to enter when you click Play.
  • Each higher Stage gets unlocked after a certain number of wins.
  • Higher Stages give you higher rewards for higher entry wagers.
  • Sporting Bonuses are also improved by playing in higher stages.
  • You can choose to play in any of the Stages you have unlocked.
  • Only the first four Stages are available in Unranked.
Name of Stage Entry Coins Winning Pot Wins needed to Unlock
Rookie Camp 50 100 0
Club Sports 250 500 10 Wins
Pro Match 1,000 2000 20 Wins
Den of Masters 5,000 10,000 40 Wins
Superstars Challenge 25,000 50,000 60 Wins
Arena of Champions 1,00,000 2,00,000 80 Wins

Sporting Bonuses

  • Sporting Bonuses are bonus Coin earnings you get while playing a match.
Performance Factors Coin Points (CP) per occurrence
fours hit 4
maiden overs 12
dot balls 2
sixes hit 6
wickets taken through "bowled" 6
wickets taken through wickie or C&B catch 4
wickets taken through fielding/LBW. 3
thirties hit 10
  • You earn higher amounts of Sporting Bonuses in higher wager rooms.
  • Coin Earnings = Coin Points x Wager Amount / 500.

Game Progression

Skill Rating (SR)

  • Skill Rating (SR) is a measure of your performance compared to other players.
  • SR is based on wins and losses.
  • Matchmaking is primarily based on SR, so that you are generally paired against an opponent of similar skill level.
  • You get more SR for victories while you have a low SR. You get less SR for victories as your SR increases.
  • Against a higher rated player, you gain more SR for a victory and lose less SR for a loss.
    Against a lower rated player, you gain less SR for a victory and lose more SR for a loss.
  • SR goes up and down in Ranked Play and Tournaments, not in Unranked Play.
  • SR will be completely reset every season.

SR Badges

  • Based on Skill Rating, you can get higher and higher badges.
  • You get a new SR Badge with every 200 improvement in SR.
  • Your SR Badge indicates to other Players how skilled you are in WCC Rivals.


  • The Leaderboard is where players are ranked based on SR. It is also split into Rank badges, so its easier to view.
  • Getting higher SR will help you earn higher badges and show off your skill to others.
  • Players of the same SR will be ranked above/below each other based on weekly Coins earned

Improving your Players

Squad Management

  • You can choose a Playing XI from a Squad of 24 Players.
  • The Squad has an equal mix of Batsmen, Bowlers and All-rounders; left and right-handers. Bowlers and All-rounders are further divided into Pacers (medium and fast) and Spinners (leg and off).
  • Rename all the members in your Squad to whatever you like.
  • Choose and equip your preferred Team Jersey


  • Training is a way to upgrade the abilities of your individual Squad members.
  • You can upgrade Batting, Bowling and Fielding Disciplines.
  • A Batsman can upgrade only Batting and Fielding (both up to L40). A Bowler can upgrade only Bowling and Fielding (both up to L40). An All-rounder can upgrade all three (up to L28/L28/L40).
  • Players start with 2 Training Slots but can expand up to 6. This expansion is bought with Tokens (300/350/400/450 Tokens per slot).
  • Effect of Training (% improvement) is felt only when the respective Level is completely trained (e.g. 5/5, 10/10, 20/20 etc.)
  • Training can be completed instantly using Tokens (amount = time remaining in mins/10).
  • Training can be sped up by watching Rewarded Videos (max of 5 RV per Discipline, each reduces time remaining by 5%; max of 15%)
  • Training is semi-permanent and carries over between seasons; In a new season, all Players Skill Levels will be reduced by 33.3% rounded to nearest integer. Player Skill Levels will never be reduced below lvl 5.

Stamina / Recovery

  • As you play matches with your Squad, your Players will expend Stamina.
  • This is represented by the Stamina Meter which looks like a battery.
  • Stamina is from 100-0% (green to orange to red).
  • Playing a one over match uses 2% Stamina per player in squad. Playing a two over match uses 4% Stamina per player in squad.
  • Stamina does not decrease in Challenge a Friend or E-Sports Lobby.
  • Player is affected by Stamina level:
    CRITICAL (RED): 0-20% Stamina
    i) Match entry fees go up by 5% per Tired Player (“Overtime pay”).
    ii) Player cannot be put in Training.
    TIRED (ORANGE): 21-40% Stamina
    Training time becomes 3x(“Player tired”).
    ENERGIZED (GREEN): 41-100% Stamina
    No problem.
  • Stamina Recovery for 30 min improves 5% Stamina. So Stamina of 50% will take 2.5 hrs to recover fully; Stamina of 0% will take 5 hrs to recover fully.
  • Paying tokens will skip Stamina Recovery time and restore player to 100% Stamina. Cost in Tokens = hours remaining, with a minimum cost of 1 Token, so 5 hours instant recovery will cost 5 Tokens.
  • Watching Rewarded Videos will reduce the time remaining by 30 mins (can watch any number of RV as per availability).


  • Boosts are consumable items that improve your Batting, Bowling and Fielding upgrades by +20 for one ball.
  • Boosts improve all parameters in one go.
  • Batting Boosts help the current batsmen (at both ends). Bowling Boosts help the current bowler. Fielding Boosts help all your fielders.
  • They are available for free in Daily Claim, and for purchase in Store for Tokens as Boost Packs and in Starter Packs.
  • You can use a max of 4 Boosts (of any type) per innings

Weekend Tournament

  • The Weekend Tournament is a 3 day event that begin on Friday evening and ends on Sunday evening.
  • Winning a Weekend Tournament is a great way to earn Coins, Tokens and other rewards quickly.
  • You will play 10 matches in a row, with each match granting better and better rewards. You will always get Bonus Coin Earnings as part of the reward bundle.
  • A max of 2 losses is allowed. A 3rd loss will result in a knockout.
  • Entry for the Weekend Tournament is 100 Tokens. Winning the final round will result in net winnings of 700 Tokens plus other rewards.

Social Features / Playing with others


  • Every Player will have a Profile.
  • The Profile will show their SR, badge, flag and cricketing statistics.
  • The Wall is where others can post comments. Don’t be rude or abusive as you can be reported and lose REP.
  • Change your Team Name and Flag any time you like.
  • View your Match History for the last 25 games you played to know match results, winnings, SR changes etc.

Social & Friends

  • Find and add up to 10 of your friends
  • See who is online at any time
  • Check out your friends’ Profile pages, SR and stats
  • Send friendly challenges to online friends

In-Game Communication

  • Voice chat with your opponents in real time by holding down the mic button in the bottom right to talk in-game. Mute people you don’t want to hear!
  • Send emojis from the bottom left icon in-game.

E-Sports Lobby

  • Allows you to create or join WCC Rivals Tournaments.
  • Creating Tournaments gives you control over the number of overs and players, Training levels of Players, lets you decide who to invite, and share your Room ID with them.
  • Get Match Results via email or through the game inbox (customize this in E-Sports Lobby Settings)
  • Join Tournaments hosted by others by entering their Room ID.
  • Create an even playing field by setting Training levels to base defaults or user-defined levels.
  • The Silver E-Sports Lobby comes with 25 matches. You can top-up the E-Sports Lobby with more matches from inside it, or from the Store to conduct more Tournaments.
  • Buying the top-up for the Silver E-Sports Lobby will always add 25 more matches to it. It will automatically increase the maximum matches as applicable. The other plans are subscriptions with unlimited matches over the period.
  • The Gold E-Sports Lobby gives fine control over Training levels, adds Spectator Mode and gives more tournament management flexibility.
  • Spectator Mode allows a user to be invited to a match as a Spectator, and gives him broadcast style control over various in-game cameras.


  • Coins can be bought for Tokens
  • Tokens can be bought for real money
  • Buying larger Coin, Token and Boost packs is better for getting higher bonus free Coins and Tokens.
  • Boosts can be bought for Tokens to give you an edge in matches.
  • Starter Packs are a great way to get lots of Coins, Tokens and Boosts at a big discount!
  • Get exciting Jerseys based on International and League themes
  • E-Sports Lobby access can be bought here so you can conduct your own Tournaments